UKGARAGE/GRIME DJ in Tokyo. DJキャリアスタート時から、独特の視点からGarage/Grimeをプレイし続けるDJ/Producer。 GARAGE、GRIME、DUBSTEP、BASSLINE等時代と共に細分化していった物 全てをGARAGEと捉え「1時間」に表現する孤高の存在。 国内シーンで定評のあるBIG PARTYにも度々出演。 自身ではParty "GollyGosh"主宰 。 また、"レジェンド オブ UKG!/ 神"等と称されるDJ EZのRADIO番組KissFMで楽曲"Dam E"が紹介される。 2013年、英Ninja Tuneの傘下レーベルBig Dadaからリリースされたコンピレーション"Grime 2.0"に、グライムオリジネイター等と共に、唯一の日本人として参加。収録曲"Kissin U"は英雑誌"WIRE"等にも評価され、Instrument Grime DJ Slackk等によってRinsefm,NTS,Subfmなどラジオプレイされる等、独自のコネクションで活動中。

Prettybwoy is a UK Garage/Grime DJ/Producer hailing from Tokyo, Japan. From the start of his DJ career he has been one of the few heads in Tokyo really representing the UKG sound. He first got into the London sound in 1999 playing classic UKG tracks and has since developed an interest and name for himself in Garage, Grime and Bassline music - all of which he sees as an extension of UK Garage. He a regular guest DJ at premier events in Tokyo such as Drum'n'Bass Sessions and Back To Chill, where he brings his distinctive UK flavour to rammed dance floors. In 2011 he established his own event in Tokyo called 'Golly Gosh', a night that has proved popular on the club circuit. Recently Prettybwoy has achieved further recognition abroad with DJ EZ playing his tracks on London's legendary Kiss FM. May2013,his first release is "Grime 2.0" compilationl from Big dada. -Including his track "Kissin u". If there's anything good in this world, you can guarantee that someone in Japan will find a way of tweaking it into bizarre new forms – and of course grime is no exception. The man known as Prettybwoy DJ has the most astounding catalogue of unreleased material that turns garage and grime inside out and soaks it with dark euphoria; we're extraordinarily proud to be able to expose his sound to the wider world here. (Joe Muggs)

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